19 Jul 2010

Birthday Celebration for EDI!!!

Its my dearest cousin, Edison's 25th birthday celebration!
We brought forward the celebration, because Jia will be going japan on his birthday
Im so sorry ne... Jia will buy u a v big present from japan

Below are some photos which I took...

Hehe... he claps...

He makes a wish...

And he blows!!!

HAHA hopefully Edi can find a gf soon~!!!

Edi with my uncles and aunties with my eldest cousin! Can you guess which one is his mom? lol

My cousin with ah ma, who looks v grumpy
I must have spend too much time taking photo =X

AND US!!! *ehem its rare to see me without makeup hehe*


14 Jul 2010

Thank you guys!!!

HEHE Im finally back to school...

All thanks to my beloved friends who helped me, Im able to figure my way back to school HAHA... THANK YOU

2 Jul 2010

Feeling emo~

I cant believe Im still awake... its 5am!!!

Due to some stupid reason, Im unable to attend school like the rest of my classmates... not because Im sick or unable to attend school...

The stupid school just haven send me my timetable and payment slip... What rubbish is this?!?! HOMG

I called many times but the answer is always the same...

Jia is v sad... can someone please help me T~T