21 Apr 2012

29 July 2010 - Sanrio Puroland

HAHA I realize i have this super old draft... look at the date!!! Anyway shall just post since i took the effort to upload the photos.... let the photos do the blogging since I already forgot what happened ^^

20 Apr 2012

Dedicating this post to the most important person of my life

WARNING: This post will be full of words and no pictures. Every bit of this post is purely what I feel and from the bottom of my heart. If you have no interest in reading endless words, please do not bother to read the whole post. Thank you!

The most important person in my life... if you think its some guy that im madly in love with, then you are wrong. This person have sacrificed her whole life for me and had nvr once expect anything back from me. She loves me more than anyone else and im her aim in life. That person is none other than my mom.

Being brought up in a standard asian family, I was never taught to show love or appreciation. But somehow after being thrown into a foreign land, I see the importance to treasure every second and enjoy every minute you have with your loved ones. I took my mom for granted in the past, everything she had done for me is seen as a responsibility as a mother. However when im here all alone I start to realise how important she is to me.

My mom is very strict with me when I was young. Being a teacher in the same school, she had high expectation for my grades. I had tution from 9am all the way to 7pm on saturdays and im only allowed to play after I finish my homework and some other schools' exam paper. It was a total nightmare to me and I was very afraid of her. I felt like I was being forced to do things her way and it was all because of her reputation. I was wrong... everything she forced me through is for my own good. Now that there is no one here to push me to work hard, I always study at the very last minute before exams and the results were usually not very pleasing. She has been trying to teach me a valuable lesson since young.

I used to be a very sickly child... constantly having asthma attacks, going in and out of the hospital. Worried of me, my mom slept with me in the same room... I slept on the bed and she slept on the floor. She will wake up every hour to make sure that im ok... and like that she took care of me till I entered secondary school.

When I grew older, my mom stopped scolding me and instead she would sit down and start a conversation with me. "You are old enough to think", she will usually tell me. We will discuss our problems together... she will tell me how stress her work is and I will tell her how much I hate writing lab reports.

After I graduated from poly, I went to SIM to study business because I dislike wearing long pants and covered shoes for the rest of my life (andbecauseIcannotentersciencestreaminalocalunihaha). But after studying for 1 year, I decided that I have no interest in business at all... I went to quit school myself without consulting anyone... I went home that day feeling worried and scared... quiting school is a big thing for me cuz i have never done anything like this in my whole life... and when i cracked the news to my mom i expected her to blow up... but she did not. She replied me in a very calm voice, asking me what plans I have for my future. This scene have be playing in my mind repeatedly and I always wondered why she wasnt angry with me, afterall she is the first person who wanted to see me graduate from a uni... Then finally I understood. She believed in me and never once doubted my decisions, from the time I choose to study poly instead of JC... she have always been supporting me.

I remembered the time when my mom was going to fly back to sg and I sent her off at the airport. She held onto my hand tightly and was trying very hard not to shed a tear. Before entering the gates, she took off her jacket and gave it to me. It was winter then. And she said, "you need it more than me"... and she went in without any outerwear... I held on to that jacket and cried 3 days straight after she left...

My mom has loved me in anyway she can... making a point to skype with me daily although she is very exhausted after work... she is one of my biggest inspiration in life and if i ever have my own kids, I would want to be a mom like her...

Happy Birthday Mom! Its kind of sad that I cannot spend this important day with you, but i love you and miss you very badly... Thank you for what u have done for me, and I hope to do the same for you after I graduate...

Lots of love,

12 Apr 2012

Harbour town trip!

Shall blog a v short post on my trip to harbour town as im suppose to be studying not blogging LOL... o well
Went harbour town to shop yesterday, did not buy much stuff cuz I did not rly find anything I like... spent $37 on a adidas jacket and a pair of flats. Yes, its all real and im proud of myself for saving haha...

It was a cold day and I was totally not prepared for it. By right gold coast should be colder than brisbane and I was only wearing a sleeveless dress with a thin cardigan, therefore I was gloomy the whole day... Furthermore it takes 3hours to get to harbour town and its making me sleepy...

Had lunch at a cafe at harbour town... Food was average...

My carbonara penne

The scenery at the train station... a station built among the trees

My gloomy face...

Well at least I had hello panda biscuits to snack on... and I was happy to find it here in brisbane =D

Thats all for my super short post!!! Time to study =( bye bye...

11 Apr 2012

It is the mid-sem break!!!

The mid sem break is here once more... which means I only have half a sem left... which means my exam is nearing!!! =0 Have been going out to eat lately and burning a hole in my wallet... If u think eating out is no big deal, well the price here of food is rly quite high. For example a plate of chicken rice the most expensive u can ever get in singapore is SGD$6, a plate of fish and chips here the cheapest would have cost SGD $12. If you are wondering why am I not comparing the same type of food, simply because I cannot find anything similar here haha.... chicken rice here would have cost SGD$26.

On Sat, my friend brought me to this steamboat restaurant in Sunnybank... Its an ala carte restaurant which means u pay by the things u order, even things like sauces u will need to pay as well. BUT there is rly 1 thing I want to complain!!! I ordered a plate of corn which cost AUD$4, and I expected prob like 3 cobs of corn... afterall corn is not so expensive in aussie... look at the pathetic plate of corn

It is 4 chopped up pieces of corn each around 3cm in height, prob one cob of corn. Being a big fan of corn I felt so depressed and cheated. The corn tasted very normal, prob they gave the corn gold fertilizer or something haha... Anyways it was a pleasant experience eating there... the soup is tasty and the meat is fresh...
We paid around AUD$23 a person for the amount of food seen in the picture... haha 5 of us shared the food including me, it was quite filling (for my standard)

Shall end this steamboat part with a photo of me and my friend... paiseh I blocked my friend's face cause I nvr ask her for permission to post the photo.

And I was so bored I added blush to myself too haha!

The next eat out experience: I went to toowong's sizzler today. It is a restaurant which I will walk past everytime I go school or grocery shopping, so it ended up on my must-do list before I graduate...

I liked the salad and desert bar much more than the main course... afterall I found a piece of plastic in my chicken... so lucky I should go buy 4D haha... the price is abit high end for poor students like me =D, the price range is around AUD$27- 40... therefore this is prob the first time and the last time I will be eating sizzler...

I apologize cuz I forgot to take photo of the food... therefore there is no photo for Sizzler >.<

Thats all for today's post folks! Going harbour town tmr!!! SHOPPING!!! DX hopefully I will rmb to take more photos... so it wont be as boring as this post haha

Ending this post with a photo of myself HAHA! Goodnight!!!

1 Apr 2012

New banner!!!

Hi there, its been a long time since I last blogged.

It took me some time to tidy my thoughts, my life and finally decided to start anew.

This is the first time I tried making my own banner with photoshop. Well I rly suck at it afterall im a science student not a design student =D It took me some time using trial and error to get this out...

Please give me some comments and ideas on how I can improve! Ps: Constructive not mean comments ._. or best give me free lesson HAHA rly keen in learning and hopefully next time i can come up with something pretty and less plain >.<

The next post will be a tour of my room in aussie... so ppl can stop asking me to show them my room. I will just copy n paste the link of my blog haha...

Have a happy April Fools Day!