11 Apr 2012

It is the mid-sem break!!!

The mid sem break is here once more... which means I only have half a sem left... which means my exam is nearing!!! =0 Have been going out to eat lately and burning a hole in my wallet... If u think eating out is no big deal, well the price here of food is rly quite high. For example a plate of chicken rice the most expensive u can ever get in singapore is SGD$6, a plate of fish and chips here the cheapest would have cost SGD $12. If you are wondering why am I not comparing the same type of food, simply because I cannot find anything similar here haha.... chicken rice here would have cost SGD$26.

On Sat, my friend brought me to this steamboat restaurant in Sunnybank... Its an ala carte restaurant which means u pay by the things u order, even things like sauces u will need to pay as well. BUT there is rly 1 thing I want to complain!!! I ordered a plate of corn which cost AUD$4, and I expected prob like 3 cobs of corn... afterall corn is not so expensive in aussie... look at the pathetic plate of corn

It is 4 chopped up pieces of corn each around 3cm in height, prob one cob of corn. Being a big fan of corn I felt so depressed and cheated. The corn tasted very normal, prob they gave the corn gold fertilizer or something haha... Anyways it was a pleasant experience eating there... the soup is tasty and the meat is fresh...
We paid around AUD$23 a person for the amount of food seen in the picture... haha 5 of us shared the food including me, it was quite filling (for my standard)

Shall end this steamboat part with a photo of me and my friend... paiseh I blocked my friend's face cause I nvr ask her for permission to post the photo.

And I was so bored I added blush to myself too haha!

The next eat out experience: I went to toowong's sizzler today. It is a restaurant which I will walk past everytime I go school or grocery shopping, so it ended up on my must-do list before I graduate...

I liked the salad and desert bar much more than the main course... afterall I found a piece of plastic in my chicken... so lucky I should go buy 4D haha... the price is abit high end for poor students like me =D, the price range is around AUD$27- 40... therefore this is prob the first time and the last time I will be eating sizzler...

I apologize cuz I forgot to take photo of the food... therefore there is no photo for Sizzler >.<

Thats all for today's post folks! Going harbour town tmr!!! SHOPPING!!! DX hopefully I will rmb to take more photos... so it wont be as boring as this post haha

Ending this post with a photo of myself HAHA! Goodnight!!!

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