2 Jan 2014

Post dedicated to 2013

2013 have not been a constructive year, well at least its not destructive. =D Completed 1 year of work life therefore no longer a fresh grad, which explains why i rarely blog... When life gets extremely deprived of sleep, I have to constantly repay my sleep debts...

Below are some major changes that happen in 2013 which I think is worth mentioning...

1) Spent more time with the family... Staycation at MBS for mum's birthday after I finally have some income, although very broke after that, nevertheless everyone had a great time.

2) Me and YX no longer in a LDR, he graduated and we r both currently situated in the same sunny island.

3) I moved house again. After some issues about the previous landlord owing debts, we decided to move house. Cant wait for my permanent house to be done in end 2014, so I can stop moving house.

4) I AM EXERCISING!!! Yes this deserve to be in caps. Decided to start exercising to bring some health to my aging body. Although not much change have been seen, I shall persevere. 

5) I started doing lash extension, which can save me so much time from doing makeup every morning, which means I get to sleep more! Just foundation and Im ready to get out of the house! 

6) I went overseas with my mum!!! I think this is prob very common for others to go overseas with the mum, but for me its rly a rare chance, the previous time I went overseas with her is prob in primary school. Feeling bad that I rarely spent time with her, I finally initiated a taiwan trip with her. 

7) Visited Brisbane, my second home and Melbourne again. Well I think no reasoning is needed for this =D.

Thats about all that happen in 2013... Boring? Well see what I plan for 2014...

1) Spent EVEN MORE time with the family!!!!
2) Pass my driving
3) Plan a Japan trip!
4) Stop visting aussie T~T
5) Reduce my weight to 45kg! Yes its way below the healthy BMI range but o well =X
6) Plan another trip with the mum
7) Maintain my exercise routines
8) Save up for a house in the future 
9) Manage my time better

Yayyy!!! "Exciting" isnt it? Cheers to 2014!

XOXO NyappyJiA

28 Apr 2013

Food!!! Dim sum for supper!!!

I have always wanted to try the famous dim sum restaurant Swee Choon after reading the reviews... This is probably my second time eating dim sum, I had my first dim sum experience in Sydney...
Blog link here: Sydney 2012 Day 2 Part 1
Not really a dim sum eater cuz Im allergic to prawns which means that 60% of the dishes I wont be able to eat.. =( anyway my next target is to eat dim sum at Hong Kong (I have been to hong kong but did not eat the dim sum... epic fail I know)!!!
Last friday after napping till 10pm, I woke up feeling hungry and decided its time to try the dim sum!!! Therefore me and Ben headed off to Swee Choon (Ben was with me at Sydney too haha)

Me with a "just wakeup" face feeling very hungry.... 

The menu list was really extensive... ranging from steamed dim sum to chinese la mian, however I knew what I wanted to order after reading all the reviews hahaha (I always make it a point to read reviews before trying out a new restaurant)

Warning: Food pics coming up!!! 

First up, some cold chicken with chilli oil... Ben liked it but I think its just pure spicy and not salty enough... (should have tried the drunken chicken!)

Their famous xiao long bao... I personally liked it, the skin is not very thick and the soup inside is nice...

This dish is a novelty dish... its called mee sua kueh.. one of the highly recommended dish... not really fantastic though (not a fan of mee sua to start with) 

Next up, my fav dish! looking like any ordinary steam bun... but no its not ordinary at all!!!

Its a custard bun with flowing custard which melts in your mouth! something to die for...

Sichuan chili oil wonton... which Ben ate 1 and I could only take photo of 3 =(  

The egg tart was a disappointment, the egg part is not soft, the pastry is too thick...

Lastly, the red bean pancake which me and Ben enjoyed the most...

Overall, the food isnt really fantastic, good place to chill with friends at night... We spent around SGD16 per person... which is quite cheap i guess

My top 3 fav dishes:
1) Red bean pancake
2) Custard bun
3) Xiao long bao

Swee choon restaurant 
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208882

Opening hours: 6pm to 6am, closed on tuesday
Supposedly very crowded according to other reviews, but when we reach around 1am, we were able to find a seat instantly...

Thats all for this post folks!


6 Apr 2013

Australian Outback Spectacular 2012

When my parents came over to brisbane for my graduation in July last year (haha i know this post is super outdated)... I decided to bring them to experience the australian outback without the need to travel inland and of course under the comfort of air conditioning... I brought them to watch the Australian outback spectacular, which is situated very near to movie world and is accessible by train and bus... Managed to drag Hazel along with me hehe

The venue is super cool, it looks like a big horse barn and most importantly we get free cowboy hats to wear!!! ok I know I overreacted but how often you get to wear a cowboy hat... look at the crowd... cowboy hats everywhere! =D

We were left at the holding area, where you can shop for souvenirs and take photo with the horses and sheepdogs... but me and hazel were busy camwhoring away with our cowboy hats... Anyway hazel was wearing the hat the wrong side... only noticed after reviewing the photos hahaha

And what is Australian outback without country music right? All you need is a cowboy and an acoustic guitar to light that cowboy spirit...

Soon it's time to enter the theatre for the real outback spectacular... we are not allowed to take any photos in the theatre but still managed to sneak a few pictures of the 3 course meal served. I love the experience dining with horses, sheeps, cows, dogs running past your dining table, other than the fact that the dust and sand might fly into your food... but once in a while we need to blend in with nature haha (yes, by allowing sand into your digestive systems =D)

Here are the food pictures... shall not comment anything about the food... afterall being able to see live animals performing tricks is already fascinating enough (Im a crazy animal lover...)


Main course...


Australian Outback Spectacular is really a very different experience... my parents enjoyed it, so did I... Wanna learn horse riding one day!!! =D

XoXo NyappyJiA

4 Nov 2012

Sydney 2012 Day 4

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Last day in Sydney... decided to go Sydney Fish Market to eat seafood for breakfast!!! Sinful =D The carpark looks so empty... Prob we are too late or because its a weekday?

Here is the map of Sydney Fish Market... see how big the parking space is =0

Entering the row of cafes and seafood restaurant....

Decided to settle down at fish market cafe... look at the very scary mascot with a missing finger haha

A huge range of seafood to choose from at affordable prices...

We ordered 2 seafood platter to share... 1 platter is so huge it can feed 4 ppl... they give u so much chips, I can eat that for a week LOL

Some other stalls selling seafood...


The octopus looks so round and cute haha

Went past a cheese stall and saw this... how true =D

Fruit and vegetable stall... all the colourful fruits and vegetables...

Strolling outside with v empty benches...

Cute bird ^^

Ice-cream in winter anyone?

Me and shan...

The very expensive parking... AUD13 for an hour... =0

After a very full breakfast, we still have alot of time to spare, so we went outlet shopping... and I never buy anything!!! =D achievement unlocked!

After shopping, its time to return the car and head to the airport... at nobirds

Me looking very shock in front of our car...

Shan suggested that I should take a photo with it... so here it is...
Goodbye car, u have served us well... I will miss you...

A group photo... happy ben cuz he no need to drive for the next few hours =D

Finally its time to say goodbye to Sydney, but Melbourne here we come!!!

Me shan and ben on the plane...

Few hours later, we reach our hotel in Melbourne... Rly loved this hotel alot.... We managed to book a deluxe room... The hotel we will be staying the next few days is St Kilda Road Parkview hotel... Below are photos of our room...

Shan is so amazed to see her name on the TV, she took a photo of it haha

Amazingly, they even have a list of pillows u can choose from... but I never rly change the pillows... the bed is comfy enough...

Me very serious at the table, looking through the menu and ordering room service...

Tadah... my beef burger (left) and Shan's chicken burger (right)

Shall end this post with a camwhore photo haha... look at the city view at the back!!!

Tata!!! Coming up: Queen Victoria Market...