6 Apr 2013

Australian Outback Spectacular 2012

When my parents came over to brisbane for my graduation in July last year (haha i know this post is super outdated)... I decided to bring them to experience the australian outback without the need to travel inland and of course under the comfort of air conditioning... I brought them to watch the Australian outback spectacular, which is situated very near to movie world and is accessible by train and bus... Managed to drag Hazel along with me hehe

The venue is super cool, it looks like a big horse barn and most importantly we get free cowboy hats to wear!!! ok I know I overreacted but how often you get to wear a cowboy hat... look at the crowd... cowboy hats everywhere! =D

We were left at the holding area, where you can shop for souvenirs and take photo with the horses and sheepdogs... but me and hazel were busy camwhoring away with our cowboy hats... Anyway hazel was wearing the hat the wrong side... only noticed after reviewing the photos hahaha

And what is Australian outback without country music right? All you need is a cowboy and an acoustic guitar to light that cowboy spirit...

Soon it's time to enter the theatre for the real outback spectacular... we are not allowed to take any photos in the theatre but still managed to sneak a few pictures of the 3 course meal served. I love the experience dining with horses, sheeps, cows, dogs running past your dining table, other than the fact that the dust and sand might fly into your food... but once in a while we need to blend in with nature haha (yes, by allowing sand into your digestive systems =D)

Here are the food pictures... shall not comment anything about the food... afterall being able to see live animals performing tricks is already fascinating enough (Im a crazy animal lover...)


Main course...


Australian Outback Spectacular is really a very different experience... my parents enjoyed it, so did I... Wanna learn horse riding one day!!! =D

XoXo NyappyJiA

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