2 Jan 2014

Post dedicated to 2013

2013 have not been a constructive year, well at least its not destructive. =D Completed 1 year of work life therefore no longer a fresh grad, which explains why i rarely blog... When life gets extremely deprived of sleep, I have to constantly repay my sleep debts...

Below are some major changes that happen in 2013 which I think is worth mentioning...

1) Spent more time with the family... Staycation at MBS for mum's birthday after I finally have some income, although very broke after that, nevertheless everyone had a great time.

2) Me and YX no longer in a LDR, he graduated and we r both currently situated in the same sunny island.

3) I moved house again. After some issues about the previous landlord owing debts, we decided to move house. Cant wait for my permanent house to be done in end 2014, so I can stop moving house.

4) I AM EXERCISING!!! Yes this deserve to be in caps. Decided to start exercising to bring some health to my aging body. Although not much change have been seen, I shall persevere. 

5) I started doing lash extension, which can save me so much time from doing makeup every morning, which means I get to sleep more! Just foundation and Im ready to get out of the house! 

6) I went overseas with my mum!!! I think this is prob very common for others to go overseas with the mum, but for me its rly a rare chance, the previous time I went overseas with her is prob in primary school. Feeling bad that I rarely spent time with her, I finally initiated a taiwan trip with her. 

7) Visited Brisbane, my second home and Melbourne again. Well I think no reasoning is needed for this =D.

Thats about all that happen in 2013... Boring? Well see what I plan for 2014...

1) Spent EVEN MORE time with the family!!!!
2) Pass my driving
3) Plan a Japan trip!
4) Stop visting aussie T~T
5) Reduce my weight to 45kg! Yes its way below the healthy BMI range but o well =X
6) Plan another trip with the mum
7) Maintain my exercise routines
8) Save up for a house in the future 
9) Manage my time better

Yayyy!!! "Exciting" isnt it? Cheers to 2014!

XOXO NyappyJiA

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