15 Aug 2012

Sydney 2012 Day 1 Part 4

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Finally! This is the last post for day 1 *round of applause* We managed to squeeze 3 attractions into 1 day...Super tiring but fruitful day...
To get to our next destination, the sydney tower eye, we took the monorail to the city centre station. Monorail totally reminds me of Sentosa... haha

The sign in the lift which brings us up the sydney tower...

The highest working postbox... but it doesnt look like a post box o_o

The view below the tower... doesnt it look like the scene from spider man haha...

Everything just look like stars to me... I cant see well at night... so I cannot tell which landmark is which haha so I shall just post all the photos... go try to figure that out... 

Can you see the sydney opera house? haha thats like the only thing I managed to find...

Lastly, I shall end this super short post with 2 group photos of us!!! 

Next up: dim sum at zilver 

Cheers ^^

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