16 Aug 2010

23/24 July 2010 - Tokyo

Finally Im going to Japan! My trip for 2010 weeee

Zilianing while waiting for the plane...
After waiting for around an hour, we finally board the plane!

Haha sunrise from the plane... the sun is so bright the photo cannot see anything weeeee

Breakfast on the plane! The omelet is v nice! It has bits of mushroom inside and is just nice not very dry...

After 7 hours of plane ride...IM IN TOKYO!!!
haha the first thing I see upon arriving is this sign
Bought the 9 15 Narita Express train ticket to Tokyo station... JR have this special promotion for tourist, you can get a suica and NEX round ticket for Y5,500 only! If you purchased it separately it will cost Y7,880... and further more they give you Y2,000 in your suica! Worth it right! haha I sure sound like an auntie

Below is the train I taking to Tokyo station...

The chairs inside this train is so cool you can turn it 180 degree so you can face the seat behind you haha so fun right... Here is a view of what you can see in the train, the uncle in front taking photo too haha

For the next 2 days there will be v little photos, cuz I fell sick and was unable to go out
My apologies heehe

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