20 Aug 2010

25 July 2010 - Tokyo Harajuku

This is my first full day in Tokyo, yet Jia is v sick. Must be because of the extremely hot weather. Nevertheless Jia still tried to go Harajuku... look at the freaking crowd!!!
It made me feel sicker with the crowd...

Its a Sunday, there r suppose to be cosplayers but there are none!!! cries... Must be because of the stupid weather... If u heard how hot a summer is in Japan... BELIEVE IT! It so much hotter than Singapore!!!

Kiddyland was having some hello kitty special at that time... they were selling hello kitty shaped taiyaki served with ice cream... hehe as I was feeling sick I bought the taiyaki without ice cream

Jia with half a hello kitty in my mouth!!!
They have alot of flavors, but my fav is still the cheese one haha the custard is way too sweet...

Anyway after that I fell so sick I was unable to walk back to take the JR... in the end I took a Japan cab for the first time in my life... maybe its a blessing in disguise ne hehee... So I must take photo! HAHA

Here is the view from inside the taxi haha the starting fee is Y710... which is around S$11, expensive ne....

Haha they even have a board to show the fare
It says something like

Starting first 2km - Y710
Every additional 288m - Y90

This is how I ended my first full day...emos...